The Chessmen  2003

The Chessmen 2003


After thirty six years since playing together as a band the Chessmen re-united in October 2003  at Jimmy's home in Nashville.  All band members; Doug, Denny, Bob, Jack, Bill, Jimmy and manager Jerry Torregrossa gathered together for a weekend of good times  and great music. Jimmy had written a song that he wanted the Chessmen to record. The song, "Old South Lee" is named after the street where Doug and Denny lived in Falls Church during the Chessmen years, a place where everyone would gather to plan out the nights activities. The song features a strong rhythmic groove that  is the signature sound of the Chessmen. Tasteful guitar riffs, rhythm lines and solos by Jimmy, Jack and Bill sing the musical legacy of the 60's and their musical roots. Bob and Denny setting the tempo coupled with Doug's  soulful vocal performance makes "Old South Lee" into a high energy musical groove. The entire project was produced,  recorded and mixed by Jimmy in his home studio. 

Many hours were spent playing the old Chessmen songs and re-living the great times we spent together. In many ways it didn't seem that all of the years have past, everyone still had all of the memories in their minds and hearts just as if it were yesterday. It was a weekend filled with great music, great times and most of all with great people. It was also a time filled with deep emotion . For me it was re-living the dream of a life time, the Chessmen years. 




Blacktop ribbon through yellow and gold
North to guitar, friends and time
Old dreams comin' back while it winds close
Bringing us close to a while; just for a while

Four strong boys strumming like men
Follow five's rhythms in time and hopin'
Connections still there; know its somewhere inside
Its good, its fine. There it is

Ole friends, rhythms, rhymes, some three score n' more
Never been far, holding the magic, learning to fly
Never losing the groove still trying to soar, helpless and happy
And restless. Restless

Dr Decay, Guitar George, bass line kickin', blue eyes lickin'
At a sound just somewhere out of sight
And the beat goes on

Lord how'd I ever get so lucky
How'd they get so fine
Hard to explain 'less you been there..'less you heard it
'Less you know 'em, 'less you been there, 'less you been there.

Doug Sandford......  October 2003


Bill Rust

Doug Sandford

Jack Rowe





Denny Begle

Jimmy Nalls

Bob Van Dorn





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